The mission of the Claggett Center Cupola Society is to:

  • engage with and recognize contributors

  • offer opportunities that inspire sustained and increased support

  • create advocates who will share the Claggett story widely and enthusiastically

We Welcome Your Support

Your financial support and presence can make all the difference to the Claggett Center.

Society Support

Members are encouraged to attend at least one Claggett Center program per year. Participating in programs at Claggett with your church or affiliated organization, or sending family members to camp, are all great ways to show your support.

All Society members are invited to embrace the opportunity to introduce others to the Claggett Center. Our beautiful campus and wonderful amenities are the perfect location for a future meeting or retreat.
Financial Support

Make a qualifying donation to become a member of the Society for the 2022 calendar year and to enjoy the full calendar of activities and benefits.

How To Give

Send your pledge or donation directly to the Claggett Center or make a qualifying donation through the Bishop’s Annual Ministries Appeal and designate the gift to the Claggett Center.

Select your Giving Level:

Claggett Circle: $365+

  • Invitation to Summer Camp Counselor Commissioning & Picnic, Claggett Historic Underground Tour, and Third Sunday Band Concert
  • Annual Claggett Trail Pass
  • Cupola Society Gift
  • Mention on Website

Buckingham Circle: $1,000+

  • Claggett Circle benefits, plus
  • Cupola Society Pin

Farmhouse Circle: $2,500+

  • Buckingham Circle benefits, plus
  • Complimentary registration (food & lodging) for a guest at a Claggett adult program (with your paid registration fee)

Powell Circle: $5,000+

  • FarmhouseCircle benefits, plus
  • Invitation to Staff - Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch

Cupola Society Events

Society members are warmly invited to the following annual Claggett events:

Third Sunday Band Concert
St. Margaret’s Church’s popular Third Sunday Band performs a special concert in support of our Raising the Barn capital campaign. Third Sunday Band continually crafts unique arrangements of popular Christian songs and traditional hymns as well as drawing on an extensive collection of original music in a blend of styles. Society members are invited to this exclusive night of music, food, and fellowship.

Claggett Historic Underground Tour
Co-Executive Director James Ryder will lead a one-of-a-kind tour of Claggett’s turn of the century basements and vaults. Visit rarely seen places, culminating with breathtaking views from the cupola atop Powell Hall. Coveralls and lunch provided!

Staff Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch
All Farmhouse and Powell Circle members are invited to join the Claggett staff for our famous potluck Thanksgiving lunch, including Aunt Theo’s Chocolate Pie! This is a unique opportunity to get to know employees, taste their favorite traditional dishes, and learn about their passion for serving at Claggett.